Dragon Rapide

20°C, windy

Yesterday: Duxford- I took a short flight in a biplane. It was a twin with seats for 8 passengers and was built in the 1930s. Although there was only canvas and a wooden frame between us and the engines, the sound wasn’t very  loud, perhaps because the engines were relatively low powered and under the lower wing.
The views over Cambridgeshire was spectacular- the sunlight getting low- longer shadows and mid-summer golden colours.
Another bit that amused us was earlier in the day. They’d set up some demonstration tailers for rolls-royce aero engines, two merlins and a griffon. Each had small propellors to drive, and since these engines are run on open exhaust pipes – the noise was tremendous. Each trailer had an engineer controlling the engine ( see picture below)
I have shot some video clips which I can post to my photobucket site when they are edited together. so… that means Adobe Premier needs re-installing.
My mother’s cousin was there(John) which had lots of interesting stories to tell of our fmaily history, most of which I have no clue about before. Moreover- there were plenty of people to meet , some who’d crossed the atlantic to get there.
excellent and tiring day.

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