Error 651

27°C, some clouds+humid

I’m baaack!
Last Sunday, I switched on the computer and windows wouldn’t boot up. It reported a corrupt file in the system32 folder. I tried all afternoon to get it running, endlessly loading up the four floppy dics needed to run the installer & repair modules. In the end I reformatted the drive and put a fresh copy on. Unfortunately the boot drive had to be formatted too, so I’ve lost the dual-boot up too.
Anyway. Now I have a fresh installations, but the modem wouldn’t work, giving the above error code. Finally after about four days of trying things out to fix it, I had a nagging feeling the modem wasn’t talking to the motherboard properly. Today, I removed the modem completely, then took out the motherboard drivers. Cleaned out everything to do with the modem and finished with putting stuff back in with more care over the order they they are put in.
Things learnt:
  • Install motherbaord drivers first
  • Backup the boot drive
  • Backup the OS partition (move all temporary folder to another drive to make this easier)
Tomorrow, the virus checker gets put back in, but it’s amazing how much faster the system runs without it.
More arty talk tomorrow…

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