Backroom picture


Turpentine: I’ve been working on this for quite a while, maybe a month now. It’s been rahter difficult to get into, but today I finally felt good enough about it to put up a picture.
d1: ground and basic drawing
d2: corrections to drawing
d3: start underpanting with all thoughts on the tonality.
d4: today.
Tomorrow ( or whenever) I’m starting linseed layers as soon as possible. The main head needs taking down in tone considerably. I want the highlights to be quite small, so the top half is very low-key.

rabbiting: the thought of that juvenile rabbit has kept me amused today . I wonder what it thought as it went over the fence. It squeeked an "Eep", so it must have been cross. There were no rabbit bodies on the road when I passed on the way to work this morning, so it can’t have got back to the road again.

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