Square wheels on that wagon

22°C, sun, rain then sun

It has been a busy weekend. Six hours of digging the garden yesterday- mostly planting Roses. Muscles all tight and drawing attention to themselves in that weight-lifting way.
Online games fun later after dark-
My online game stats for that server: Wind of War. Apalling how much time I have spent on the server this year. On the other hand- it’s good fun.
At about midnight, the strangest sound. Ths loudest train I have ever heard- it really sounded like it had square wheels on one wagon. It moves across the station at about 10 mph, but looked ( in the darkness) as if the carriages had no payload onboard. What was that all about- it must have woken half of the town.
Another odd thing: a dark grey streak across the sky. Probably a fire over in Brownhills direction. It didn’t seem to disperse as it moved eastwards. Perhaps it was full of ash.
Today – 54 miles on the bike- rush back for guests+food. But then rain.

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