17°C, clouds, light winds

blog: that’s better msn, the pictures module is more like it used to be- much better. Selecting the curser position is easier again. Anyway…
CD/Books: from Amazon-
  • Lisa Gerrard– A Thousand Roads ( Film soundtrack)
  • Fred Frith: Middle of The Moment    (ditto)
  • Fred Frith: Rivers And Tides  (ditto)
  • "Round The Clock" by Kaplan
  • another one that is too geeky to mention here.
I’m still looking at paintings on a maritime theme – for my own images based on the Keffalonia experiance. There are some good ones out there , and from surprising sources.

3 thoughts on “deliveries

  1. Aww, alright then, it’s about an aeroplane- the LaGG33 & Lavochkin-5.
    But Sshhh.. keep it to yourself, I have an image to upkeep.



  2. What kind of image? Aww. Well, um, aeroplanes are interesting. Especailly ones that will take me to America and Italy! :D


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