Ozone in the afternoon

28°C, , 27°C inside the house too.

Ozone: In today’s Times newspaper- an article about the weather forcast in cluding an Ozone warning for the afternoon- today and tomorrow. I have to watch this carefully, in high summer after a long cycle ride I get a cough when breathing a full breath. There have been times this has meant riding home slower so only the top half of my lungs get used. Tomorrow could see a repeat of that.
Linseed: Water:  Another A4 painting- just studying waves on mediterranian sea surfaces. This makes the fourth picture on the theme. The last one was more successful, helped significantly by the linseed oil layer which allowes better blending fo wet-on-wet paint.
 It’s a real paint that I can’t print out more of my holiday photos, damn that printer.
Cosford: this weekend is Cosford’s major airshow, but I am going cycing tomorrow so guess what:- I’m heading west tomorrow, setting off early to avoid the ozone-smog buildup. Not taking the camera though.

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