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22°C; Drawing: all done. Probably will post them tomorrow after giving them out, pictures are in-camera as I write. Now this is done, I can think in a paint way. It’s late now.. therefore…

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Apologies- to whom?

22°C, Bristol: apparently there is a move in the City of Bristol to apologise for its involvement in the slave trade 200 years ago. >BBC<. The collective guilt is the cause of place-name changes, and a citywide debate. I’m puzzled- … Continue reading

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Patch news

14°C, heavy rain Brother in Arms: new patch, it’s been out nearly a month but went unnoticed. Description to follow.Not much of a fanfare on this release, it adds some new single-player missions, get it here:BIA_EiB 1.03 It’s possibly changing … Continue reading

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Rain: so do other stuff

11°C, a lot of rain but now breaking up. 3DS Max: Walrus, added new details, including a new engine, exhausts etcetera. Linseed: the handprop picture- which maybe if you’re lucky I can post later.

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less than three (to everyone)

18°C, was , now rain. 3DS Max: the Walrus. Just some test renders, the shadows on the ocean aren’t as deep as they should be.   In a few weeks we go to Kefalonia. It’s famous for the place "Captain … Continue reading

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The Lemon Of Pink

22°C, Monster dumper truck: passed me on the way home from work yesterday. It was on the back of a trailer, towed by a much-bigger-than-usual lorry. It passed me between tweo roundabouts that are quite small, so being wary of long trailers … Continue reading

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First day of hot

24°C, feels hotter. Painting on hold for a few days, I have another lil’ project to work on first. More explanation in the next few weeks.   Blog stock: It’s funny the things people do with an internet full of … Continue reading

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12°C, feels warmer. Turpentine: Underpainting the skin tones, the general warm-cold balance is mostly there. The physical stress is on the reddest limbs. There seems less scope for detail on this piece, but I have a plan formulating for the … Continue reading

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To the Endth degree

12°C Nth… thanks to Y12 for that little goof. Pity it wasn’t from one of my lessons. Last time someone in one of my groups made an error like that, I issued them a commendation. I did of course point out … Continue reading

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10°C  Swordfishtrombones Well he came home from the war with a party in his head and modified Brougham DeVille and a pair of legs that opened up like butterfly wings and a mad dog that wouldn’t sit still he went … Continue reading

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