19°C, rain then sun

Kefalonia: tomorrow we take-off at 8am for the Greek island where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set. It’s quite a small island near Corfu To get to the airport on time we have to get up at 02.00 am then drive north. The flight is over three & a half hours because it’s over 1,500 miles assuming a direct route.
I have packed drawing and painting materials but don’t count on it- often I take such things away but they remain unused.
Expect some photos when I get back. Hopefully some can inform painting for the next month or so.

2 thoughts on “Cephalonia

  1. I’m still loving your art work!
    Don’t know if you remember our exchange about how to put Flash movies on MSN spaces?
    I have since discovered that the Windows Media Player power toy they provide does support .swf files.
    Some consolation at least.
    Enjoy your trip,


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