Steam off

15°C, rain

Poser: eFrontier Poser 6 isn’t any more stable than previous versions. I’m trying to finalise lighting for the next painting which has a bloke with faces where one ought not have a face. We can’t help the weights we are burdened with can we?
That wretched program still crashes, locks up or just behaves very strangely even with the services packs installed. Crashing out using Program manager doesn’t always work either, chosing End-task just does nothing.
Turpentine: despite the annoyances above, the ground is now painted; ready for some proper underpainting. This one will probably be really low key- I quite fancy the main figure being almost indescernable from the inky dark ground. then it can show the slight shine from the lustre of the skin.
Last Saturday I picked up those cheap 3 pack of ready-made canvases. Since then, they’ve had three coats of Gesso each. The texture is now less coarse and unexpectedly much tighter on the wooden frame. It seems the way to make cheapo canvases usable.
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