14°C, rain.

Fingers crossed: typo’s are getting excessive here. My fingers seem to disagree about the order inwhich they press keys. It’s a shame that msn spaces are blocked at work- I used to log on in th emorning to spot typing errors.
Did you know: Americans think "disinterested" means "Unbiased"?
Picture comments: read them! there are a few really positive ones there. Very encouraging- so a big thankyou to the authors: Kong’s ring,
Big number: well it seems like a lot to me:

1 thought on “X-Fingers

  1. the sunflowers are aprox. 24×31 thanks for the comment 😉 as for the art list made easy you can simply make it a blog entry. as long as you leave enough space between the name and their address all the links will work.  then you just make a small (catagory list type thingy)  with a description so people know what it is… then connect it to your blog entry. any way thats the easiest way i know.  beautiful work by the way. sarah


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