Streaky printer- the sequel

20°C, sun

830U: still needs a heart bypass operation, it has bad veins which seem partly blocked. Adding the spirit-cleaner has triggered the error light which has not gone away for a few hours. the printer driver claims that the colour ink has run out- hard to believe since it was half-full before.
Laterz: it’s working now, except the yellow is still blocked. So an improvement.

Linseed: posted the Handprop picture in the "Finished" section of the photo galleries.

1 thought on “Streaky printer- the sequel

  1. Ooo you’re so cool with your z! The vein thing ewwed me out because I wasn’t actually reading what you wrote properly :|. I had a mean printer once… Now I have one that works!! :D
    Anyway, you probably don’t care *sniffle sniffle*.


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