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Brother in Arms: new patch, it’s been out nearly a month but went unnoticed. Description to follow.
Not much of a fanfare on this release, it adds some new single-player missions,
get it here:
BIA_EiB 1.03

It’s possibly changing some of the bahaviours of the AI as well, but maybe I’m imagiing that since it’s not stated in the readme. It does add three new single games:Brothers in Arms:

Earned in Blood by Gearbox Software – English retail v1.03 patch

Changes in v1.03:

– Added three new skirmish maps:

Flanked from Above is a free Skirmish mission that takes place in a rural town of Normandy during the famous D-Day invasion. Players take on the German role with orders to defend against the American paratroopers descending from the night sky! Play solo or cooperative with a friend to complete this unique and challenging mission.

The new Skirmish mission, Across the Marsh, for BiA:Earned in Blood is the largest Skirmish mission to date! Players are challenged to fight across the open marsh toward the city, where several paths are available to complete the same objective. Victory will not come easily in the city. The Germans will put forth their best defense, so playing cooperatively with a friend might help you conquer this map.

Locate and destroy German flakvierling anti-aircraft weapons amongst the hedgerows and fields of the new EiB Skirmish mission, Into the Farm, but beware! The weapons are guarded by mortar fire and Germans expertly using the bocage to their advantage. Once you’ve taken the farm, you must use all the squad tactics learned from the original EiB missions to defend it!

MySpace: was in the news today, what is it? Is it better than msn spaces? Does anyone know, (or care)?
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4 Responses to Patch news

  1. Miss Helen says:



  2. Mike d. says:

    TO which one? You don’t know, or don’t care- or even both?


  3. Miss Helen says:

    What is it? No.
    Is it better? No.
    Does anyone know? No.
    Does anyone care? No.
    That just about sums it up really…


  4. Mike d. says:

    that’s me told then.


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