To the Endth degree


Nth… thanks to Y12 for that little goof. Pity it wasn’t from one of my lessons. Last time someone in one of my groups made an error like that, I issued them a commendation. I did of course point out it was wrong, but some errors are so well thought through. On that occasion we were talking about mono-chrome, so I first asked what "mono" meant- ( they got this one right), the second part was what is "Chrome" about, the first brave reply was "something to do with time?"
I love things like that! There are stupid mistakes and there are brilliant mistakes. These are examples of the latter. Without them, we’d have no creativity.

Ubisoft have aplogised for the botched patch they released this weekend. see->Terriblysorry :
Boontybox are probably the real culprits, Ubi will have commissioned them to provide a download manager-installer, just like most software houses employ Wise-installers. There will be more paid-patches for games, so I guess we’ll have to install Boontybox to add patches then remove that dirty little prog’ each time we’ve finished with it.
Oh well, at least the patch itself is of high quality.
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