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Nightwork rail

13.4°( the thermometer is stuck again), rain. Network rail are keeping us awake at night. They start work on the line at about 11.30, and run a machine on the tracks that runs a noisy desiel engine in a train … Continue reading

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Going to try…

rain, 13°C Flash: should be good to make an online software tutorial. Not sure how to set it up, but it’s worth a try. more later…     …later   it’s taken a while, but I have a workable slide show … Continue reading

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Videos online

13°C, clouds- mostly More cycling today. Photobucket: have made a massive upgrade to their free accounts. It’s shot up from the origonal 25Mb to 1 gigabyte. Aaannnnd, it will accept video now. the video clips are converted to the Flash … Continue reading

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Verdant glaze

13°C:! Linseed: Finished another one! There’s a bigger post of this photo in the Finished Oil paintings section, the second one along.  

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Hamstrung tight

13°C, + Ouch: my hamstrings hurt. They have toghtened up and gone all achey. It’ll be Ok if I do lots of toe touching (mine that is). It’s Sunday, so as any past visitors will know, it’s cycling-day. Only did … Continue reading

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“in the shed”

8+°C, clearing & light winds. Dog trouble: Rosie is a dog that barks a lot; it’s loud too. She likes to bark at the nieghbour’s cat the most, it’s so exciting that she jumps up at the window while making … Continue reading

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Verdant detail

up to 15°, that’s more like it! Linseed: Adding detail, until I spilt turps on my shirt which is getting to smell quite sickly. The key to this picture is getting the larger number of colours to blend ina believable … Continue reading

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A long hungry wait

10°C Eat out at a restaurant last night; Joe Delucci’s in Lichfield. Our table was booked for 20.15 for 12 of us celebrating a friend’s birthday. We placed out orders at about 20.40. The starter arrived an hour later, though … Continue reading

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Verdant colour

8°C, + clouds Turpentine: Laid out colours, it seems to have worked, the palette has meshed together without losing the tonal scheme of yesterday. Camera delivered: placed my bid on Sunday, won it a few hours later. Now it’s Wednesday- … Continue reading

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Verdant tone

14°C; band of rain Turpentine: The only ground I had ready today was strong green. Oh well, use it anyway. Began this piece with no real idea what to do, so it’s two figures put together from separate sketches chosen … Continue reading

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