Hamstrung tight

13°C, +

Ouch: my hamstrings hurt. They have toghtened up and gone all achey. It’ll be Ok if I do lots of toe touching (mine that is). It’s Sunday, so as any past visitors will know, it’s cycling-day. Only did 56 miles today but that’s on top of quite a cumilative distance last week. Holidays are good aren’t they? Good times are upon us: I have a new camera- which I’m still excited about. It’s now got enough internal memory to store 6,375 pictures if they are really tiny ones.
thanks to PicStop.

Walrus: Opened up an old model to add a few finisheing ddetails to the 3D. It’s about ready for mapping and texturing. As I’ve said before, this plane was designed by Mitchell – the same bloke who did the Spitfire for Supermarine. It’s a more recent design that the Spit’. but has a canopy that looks like it’s from a holiday caravan.
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