“in the shed”

8+°C, clearing & light winds.

Dog trouble: Rosie is a dog that barks a lot; it’s loud too. She likes to bark at the nieghbour’s cat the most, it’s so exciting that she jumps up at the window while making that terrible racket. She has the technique of opening the door to the living room making it hard th keep her out of there, the room where she barks most. She thinks that barking at that cat is the best fun you have have with your coat on.
We’ve tried many things to restrain her, the latest being "to the shed!". That is shut her in the outside loo for five minutes then let her out. She always comes out looking a bit sheepish- which, if you had a poodle you’d understand.
I wonder though, what she thinks when I go to that loo and shut myself in. Does she roll her eyes while I’m in there?
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