Verdant detail

up to 15°, that’s more like it!

Linseed: Adding detail, until I spilt turps on my shirt which is getting to smell quite sickly.
The key to this picture is getting the larger number of colours to blend ina believable way. The colours have to be next to others that "sit right" . If you see what I mean.
It’s getting close to finished, which means that working this picture is considerably quicker than the last few. It only needs a few glazes on skin tones and picking up some fine details. That will probably only take another hour, making three hours in all.
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1 Response to Verdant detail

  1. Soma says:

    Mmmm. I love the smell of turps.
    Just as well – The Boy spilled a jar of the stuff which had a black painty brush steeping in it  all over the carpet! It could have done without that final insult. Oh well.


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