A long hungry wait


Eat out at a restaurant last night; Joe Delucci’s in Lichfield. Our table was booked for 20.15 for 12 of us celebrating a friend’s birthday. We placed out orders at about 20.40. The starter arrived an hour later, though it was delicious. The main course was another hour after that. By then I was dizzy with hunger, when it did arrive I had to ask for cutlery a few times before I got it and was so hungry I started eating risotto with a steak knife.
We coluld have gone over the road to a pizza takaway while we waited,  eaten and digested that without spoiling my apetite for the sit-down meal.
Never again.
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1 Response to A long hungry wait

  1. Ben says:

    Thats put me off goin:P whos birthday was it?


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