Sub-cutanious veins

5.6°C, bright .

Weather might break tomorrow. It could be the end of this European dry-icy airmass we’ve had all winter.

Turpentine: I did something different on this one. I painted in the under-sketches for the figure while the ground was still wet in places. What a fast way to start a picture, the blue effect in the top half wasn’t intentional- but I rather like it anyway. Like many of my drawings, things happen in phasess of low self-control that can be exploited later. Those features develop into something that wouldn’t have otherwise been done. That blue has melted upwards through the overpainted skin tone ( Ti white & raw sienna). Maybe I can build some shadow over there, perhaps from ahir of a hat. Several possibilities.
The issue that is planned goes like this: sub-cutanious veins are sometimes visible through that kind of milky translucent skin. The route I’m ging down with this picture is to create a young healthy face that has noticable veining. How it is forced to the surface by bone & muscle as well as the sub-surface scattering light effect is centrall. It shouldn’t be ugly though.

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