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Scaled vectors.

6+°C It’s a fixing things holiday. I break from work, supposedly for rest & recovery. My week has been filled with mending things. As soon as I’ve done here, I finish the skirting board. All the while I look forward … Continue reading

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All’s quiet

11°C, . Westerly- quite strong Linseed:Finished painting is in the Finished gallery. At least I think it’s finished. I can decide as it dries.

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No smoke

9°C,+light showers Interesting news: smoking in pubs is to get banned by the Gov’t. BBC. About time too! Just what I was hoping for when I used to go to pubs more often. there are still about 25% of the … Continue reading

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Ruff-ly done

10°C (at last), light cloud Linseed:No more slightly cringesome titles either. I plan to post a picture tomorrow, there is a lot of wet linseed oil on the picture – mostly in the background. that makes taking a decent photo … Continue reading

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Ruff working

9.5°C, rain Linseed: much adding of detail today. The lowest quater needs redoing because my hand smudged it as I painted in eyebrows. The Ruff itself seems to need barely any work now. Eyes though, have that bulging characterless quality … Continue reading

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3.5°C, clearing Linseed: spent two hours on the "Ruff" painting. This photo skips a day on the last one- much of the time was spent on the ruff itself, incidentally using a new brush- an acrylic No.4. At one point … Continue reading

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2.4°C & falling The Child support Agency is due for a complete redesign. Here in the UK organisations normally get a new name when this happens, but if this is the USA would it just be called CSA 2?   … Continue reading

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Go on…RAIN!

9°C, clearing. We need some rain, bring it on! Wash of those roads, get the grease off – swill the salt down the drains. It’s forcast, better be heavy I say.

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What’s the name for this kind of collar? It’s a new picture you can see. A Ruff thanks for the replies, now I need to find one I can look at, perhaps there’s one in Birmingham.   the Books’ album … Continue reading

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the Clogs & The Books

Warwick Arts Centre, Gig, yesterday. Stunning, just as remarkable as the Kodo Drummers- which I’m seeing next week. The Clogs, Album The Books I’m not writing a full review here, but… I’d not heard of either before, just a reliable friend … Continue reading

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