Where’s all the bankrupcy?

2°C, wind + sun

Economics: this to me is the most mysterious thing. How does the UK stay in business? We don’t make anything, there seems to be nothing supporting our wealth and yet there is plenty going around. We all have more food, more transport than we need, and heat our homes hotter than we need. Where does the money come from to fund this? We have enough money to spend on extras- things that benefit no-one: lots of people are employed generating and manipulating needless and useless statistics. I work in an industry that uses "target setting" like a drug. It can’t seem to stop setting targets for everything, no-one knows why they do it, but plenty of money is spent on this activity. There is clearly more money here than we need. A poor nation could not afford such decadent luxuries, it seems to spread like a disease
 Our school has recently failed it’s target for the number of pupil attendances, we had ( for a week or so) 12% absence due to illness and so Walsall has failed some kind of target. Someone was paid to dream up that target. No-one told all the kids suffering with influenza viruses though. There is no link between the target and any solution to the cold though.

Viruses: I have one. It makes my nose fizz and my joints ache.


"We had to use a range of formulae’s in Excel"
 Y9 wrote in coursework today. That brightened up my day.

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1 Response to Where’s all the bankrupcy?

  1. Amy says:

    Aw, "formulae’s"
    Hmm, interesting blog. I’d never thought about where the money was coming from; I’d thought about how we allocate it badly and how people don’t seem to negotiate these things but never where we got it from in the first place. Then again, I don’t have a job; I don’t contribute to our economy; I’m bound to say that.
    Walsall? I may have said this before, but I’ve been there! It was only to visit a friend for a few days though. *Like a different country*


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