2°C, grey

Funny way to start a day: I forgot to set the alarm for this morning so didn’t wake up until 40 mins late. the rush wasn’t especially mad, and got to work ontime. Maybe I’m wasting much time in the mornings. It actually meant I wasn’t tired & achey liek Mondays normally find me.

Flash: to follow on from yesterday’s post, it is indeed possible to use templates in Flash, now I have one with my pre-loader and scene navigation buttons ready. Can you tell I’m getting to like this program, what a turn-around.

BBC are making natural history footage available online. You can download it to use in projects as long as you give them credit. The films are of remarkable quality- see here

Bush: more George W Bush tomfoolery. READ. they really should make a West-end musical on this guy.

thanks BBC for the picture.
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