Nickel Creek

4°C, cold, grey & miserable

53 miles on the bike today, riding back was easy with a strong tailwind.

Nickel Creek: live at Warwick arts Centre this evening. I await.

Later:I really had no idea what to expect, but they put on a stunning performance. This is the third show in a row where I’ve been impressed with sheer musicianship. The Bits between singing were the most impressive, though vocal parts did not detract in any way. We could actually hear what was being played. Hear what I’m saying Kings of Leon? Take a hint!
Pee:Before the start, we wondered if there is a word for that last pee you have before an event. the first thing to come into my head was "pre-emptive", but then I hit on "pre-empty"! As in "I’m just off for a quick pre-empty"
Tell me if you think of a better one.

Far Cry: It’s nearly finished. Never would I have thought of liking this sort of thing. There is a sequel in production, which I surely must buy. The screen shots in the magazines look good anyway.

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