Civil Partnership

7°C, otherwise – same.

Yesterday was filled with a Civil Parnership ceremony that some friends of ours invited us to. At first the length of the planned evening seems a bit daunting (3.30 to midnight)- but it ended up passsing rather quickly. Held at the Hotel De Vin, the formal part was a Humanist Ceremony for two women who are now, in everything but name, married.
the Venue is a converted Eye Hospital, they’ve done a stunning job, especially in downstairs’ bar where the walls are decorated with very striking oil paintings of Lobsters. I actually felt they’d made lobsters look noble. I’m often deeply saddened when I see lobsters in French supermarkets, bound claws with rubbers bands. the compnay was fine and so was the wine. that explains why I set of cycling so late this morning, for my 56 mile constitutional.
more later, I’m off to a gig soon. Too busy, too busy….

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