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turpentine time

7°C Turpentine: Laid down the first turpentine layers on those paintings mentioned recently. And yes, in the profile one- that is a finger emerging behind at speed. It’s a shame that both of these pictures are at the same stage, … Continue reading

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Damn spam

7°C, Re:Hello– 76 spam posts today. I cope with them now by setting all my emails to go into the deleted items folder; unless the sender is on my list. This gets rid of most spam. However, recently a new … Continue reading

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This page is unintentionally left blank

11°C, dry That Cosmology book was delivered today. It’s got 4 pairs of blank pages. No wonder they were selling it cheaply.  I feel a negative comment coming on. On a day where two +ve comments have appeared  to those! thanks. … Continue reading

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Dull & warm

9½°C, like yesterday. 10°C today, it’s tooo warm! I have worn too much to cycle to work, am opening the windows in each room, and so on. I recall last autumn when temperatures droped down to 10 feeling quite cold. … Continue reading

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8° getting cooler. Rain then clearer. Got rained on going to work today. that’s ok, except when you pull your still-wet clothes on to ride back home. Got here quickly though because of a generous tail-wind. Ordered some new books. … Continue reading

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Far Cry

5°C, from 7°, like yesterday. Far Cry is a computer game- a First Person Shooter. I’ve always hated FPS games in the past- I consider flight sims "my thing". I like the feeling of engagement, reading up on its history, technology, … Continue reading

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8°C, Sth wind,dry. What boulder is about 5 times denser than a stone one. Has a dull shiney and very smooth surface. Could it be a meteor? We would have found it at a beach in Wales, but that would … Continue reading

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Satur nerd day ( *a-hem*)

9°C & dropping, sunny bits Copyright: we hand over copyright to Microsoft when we write these space blogs. How does that actually work, and why? When we upload a picture, the file name changes, so the picture you download is different, … Continue reading

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7.5°C, cloud, dry Teaching: Days like this make the job worthwhile. I have a year 10 student who paints like Oscar Kokoshka. Unlike most of her peers, her painting is more capable than her drawing, but in both the’s a … Continue reading

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Mad in van

5°C, still, frosty start. Drivers of white vans lived down to their reputation today. At Muckley Corner roundabout, there was a white transit behind who was threatening to push me out into the ceasless traffic. I know th wait was … Continue reading

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