Is there something in a mobile phone contract that says it’s ok to be rude to people around you? Does it say
 "When you are  in the middle of a conversation, should your new XXXX_1234 ring, then end your conversation in mid-sentence to find start one with the person who has dialled up your XXXX-1234 for a more important dialogue. If you upgrade to the XXXX-1234plus model you don’t even have to say " do you mind if I answer the phone".
With our 3G technology it’s possible to continue the new conversation loudly for 20 mins without and conscience, and to ignore those around you."
It must be time to design a new set of buttons for my website- especially now that I have Fireworks v8.


The cold has got to them today. Five hours out in rather cold salty dry air has left them rather tired & prickly feeling. 60 miles felt good today, the ice was easy to avoid. Riding east meant riding on the north side of the road, that aide was sunny and so no ice. Shame the wind dropped for the ride home.

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