The Oratory, Edgbaston.
A gilted, victorian , cold classsical church used as a venue for choral music. We heard some Elgar, Schubert, Reinburger and finished with Mozart. The highlight was Schöenburg – it was his last piece before going all 12-tone. Interesting in that sense even if not as a piece of it’s own. Others commented on how good the acoustics are, but I didn’t think so, at least not where I was sitting.
There were some interesting characters in the audience, a couple who obviously arrived on a motorbike. there was also a guy dressed as a woman, which caused a lot of speculation amongst us on the way home. Was this his first outing as a woman? Why was he on his own? Did the wig keep him warm?
In summary- not as stunning as the Arvo Pärt we saw last summer.
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