Corporate incompetance


We have a growing list of complaints about retail corporations.
  • Curries online: One month on and 18 phone-calls in an attempt to return a faulty dishwasher. they give us other numbers to ring, usually to services or companies that no longer exist.
  • Sky TV: charging for premium football matches that we haven’t ordered or watched. Everyone here hates football. We are closing the account because of this.
  • British Gas: they want us to increase the monthly payment even though we already have overpayed them by £80. They agreed that the £80 is the correct figure, but say we still aren’t paying enough.
  • Inland Revenue: they want me to repay £1000 in tax underpayment based on caculations THEY made; it’s their mistake I tell you. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had the same problem with them. It’s their mistake- why should I suffer?
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