Square one


The Car is all shiney and clean. Is the rumour that washing your car on a Sunday is a cause of baldness untrue? I’ve always assumed it must be right, walking the dogs in the Boley-Park estate on Sundays confirms it (anecdotally).
Don’t like the way cars consume loads of money and time to get back to square one though. It’s nice spending money to make life better- but to make life the same??
The Bike: 44 miles, got c-cold hands and feet. Otherwise ’twas all well. The sun showed up later.
Turpentine: I took that picture off this blog – it was too grim, it can come back when its changed enough to be bearable.
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3 Responses to Square one

  1. Miss Helen says:

    *laughs* Yes, I think it is highly likely that washing your car on Sunday is a cause of baldness… (Hmmm)Would it not make more sense instead to say bald people tend to get an impulse to wash their cars on Sundays? :)


  2. Mike d. says:

    I can see a need to sit in a quiet, still room, with the lights on low, and think really really hard.


  3. 43Spiders says:

    nice site and pic’s, regards spider


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