Where’s it gone?

2°C, all snow gone

We’re expecting to see a decent covering of snow this morning, but no- all I see outside is cold clammy rain. The sort of rain that penetrates your clothes, runs down your neck and makes feeling grumpy seem worthwhile.
Two days have gone by, each full of Ikea flat-pack assembly and house painting. fun.

Low viscosity Oil:
Blimey– that’s left me feeling quite erm… high? Linseed oil onto prepared paper- just less than A3.
There is a previous shot of this picture- from a few days ago. I feel like there’sa lot done in this session. The paint was dragging a bit so I changed the oil, the fresh stuff is far thinner. There’s an idea for a new year’s resolution- change the oil more often. This picture is swimming in oil now- I took the photo’ gingerly – it could have run down the page being stood up angled towards the camera. Notes: set this up deliberately some time next year ( that is- let the paint dribble across after painting) to see what heppens.
There’s a  cold hands theme in there- that does need the transition from b.umber shadow into cold blue to be sorted out. Also I’m playing with not oft used colours – cadmium red and coerleum blue in addition to my usual pallette.
Kristin Hersch is good to paint to, "Hips & Makers" today, an earlier one, with purer voice, probably pre-rehab’ still deeply tragic feel.

1 thought on “Where’s it gone?

  1. I saw the queues to get to Ikea the other day… It didn’t seem worth it. Apparently on Boxing Day there were huge queues at 4am(?!). And I can’t believe someone stole the snow *sigh* :(.


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