10°C, clouds up quite high.

It’s mid-winter, yesterday may have been the shortest day, but either the afternoons get shorter or the mornings still lighten later, I can’t remember which way round it is.
OK just found it: daylight hours. Currently, sunset and sunrise are both getting later. the worst dark mornings are around the 2nd January. 12 December has the worst sunset time. The two cycles are out of phase by about 3 days.
Talking of cycles: 33.4 miles on muddly lanes = nice warm feeling with the urge to sleep deeply.

Painting: Twohat has a new hat. It’s getting a bit ripped in places. The faces are still terrible, I feel like going back to the previous method ( orange+white+B. sienna), it seemed easier to introduce deeper colours in shadows. On shadows- it still lacks the "self-shadowing" effect that marks out the more realistic pictures; yep- that’s the key for this one!
Oh well, too tired to decide now.

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