Ice effect

from -1 to +2°C, snow

Snow this afternoon, classes all "Wooo’d" & threw snowballs after. Driving home was no inconvenience after I got out of the car-park. The wheels span, but it ran straight. Now it’s due to melt, then re- freeze into black-ice. tomorrow is due to be hazardous.
Besides all that, I’m Besieged by a tiresome virus. Throat sore and voice deep, like a dark cloud looming. It’s a bad idea to feel ill in cold weather.

3ds Max and Particle flow and Video Post. It doesn’t want to work with Video post, mind you – while trying out effects, I found this neat trick- I can get electric sparks to dance about an object ( in the image below) look at the bunsen burner.

1 thought on “Ice effect

  1. HeyI like your paintings very much.Your artwork is amazing!!! You have your own way in creating work.I also like your models of airplanes.You are really good at it.I perfer 2D and I just know a little about 3Dmax and Maya….:PAnyway,I make a link to your space.Have a nice day.yuan


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