fire effect

6°C, dank

28 miles under grey cold skies. The roads are slimey, brown with mud and scattered with decaying foliage. I kept the milage down because the sore throat seems a little worse today. Still not a real  problem though.
Back to video capture duties again. I’m adding fire effects as well as sparks/lightning to a pop video spoof. The footage is already shot, captured onto my PC and ready to load into 3ds max.

Now in 3DS Max, I’m trying two ways of doing this;
    • either lightning strike- using a renderable spline that glows and jiggles about,
    • or Particle-flow that emits long cylinders lke sparks which are attracted to the bunsen.

The second seems the most promising, both are quite a bit of setting up to render a scene of only about 4 seconds. Partcle flow is the most entertaining to use, it makes you think in a logical way rather than a visual one.

cycling: finally got those wretched gears working properly. The gear change is now quite good, earnly up to Campagnolo standards.

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