First of 41

all change: +9 to -1°C

I wish I knew what the weather would do. It’s been indecisive today- tomorrow coul dbe uncycleable, the ride home tonight warned me of that. The Shire Oak decent buffeted by NW sidewinds, holding a trakc was tricky & uncertain. Pudles are now glazing over outside so there is likely to be black ice around tomorrow. Bus?


The funny bit is the way that gangs of tumbling bronze leaves surge out from between trees, as if fleeing some feared predator. They prey on the instinct to swerve- I’d hate to run something over.

I killed a squirrel last year while driving, we were in a single-file road-works, it dived out from the hedge, and I couldn’t do anything. The roadspeed was only about 20mph, but when I looked in the mirror, it was lying on it’s back- legs in ther air. A grim memory.


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