Oh there’s a title

7°C, greyness.

Misleading weather reports. It’s not their fault really (the met office), but! We expected freezing fog & dangerous driving conditions therefore I cycled to work. But look, it’s clear, that air is 6+ deg, granted the roads are a bit slimey, but no black ice. Frustration- "I could have cycled"! By the time I was ready it was tyoo late to change my mind & get changed into cycling stuff.
Painting: Day two on the picture I am calling "Forkhead" for now. Maybe later I will come up with a better title. This is the second day – the first ( that I’m counting) was to repaint the canvas since there is another picture started underneath- now abandoned. The idea is to add this picture to the "domestic" series, this one will show the effects of cutlery. You may be able to discern the idea in the little photo (below).
I don’t min dposting even though there is much to change, the whole outline can’t stay like that, and the eyes are all out of postion as well as size. I have a reasonably claer idea in my head though.

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