No specific cause

-2 to +2°C &

There seems to be a  "repairing" theme in the last week’s entries. Breakage and loss. I lost my USB memory plug this week. Today, I took a wheel hub to built up at a cycle shop. The computer is running better even though one of the new componants can’t be used. the car needs a few things. New derrailleur has arrived along with brakes.
Updated yesterday’s entry converting the results of RAM tribulations into a table. It doesn’t narrow down into a specific componant, basic incompatibility looks most likely now. I give up for now, pending expert advice.
Look below for my car this morning in close-up.
What a day- full of colour, atmosphere & space. And all this with no time for painting.

Hats off to the lady in Tamworth who had a poodle wearing a coat- on it was written " Take no notice of this dog". I didn’t tho’, it was such a nice dog, not pulling on the lead like mine do. I did notice it. sorry…

2 thoughts on “No specific cause

  1. Hi my Friend,your Art is so good that i always come to see the news.Your space is GREAT.Do you give me the honor to post in my blog some of your Art,with your name,because i admire so much your work.Waiting a resp/ from you,have a very good weekend.All the best.Make in touch.Luis Lima


  2. your newest oil of the face down boy and the one of the feet are lookin awesome. They jsut really stand out amongst the body of your work. Are they your latest?


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