Things arriving through the door


There are things that appear in the house that weren’t here before. They arrive through the door in the mornings. They were put there by a man I don’t know. Today, it was two sticks of 512Mb RAM for this computer. The letter enclosed said the last pair of chips I was sent were both faulty. Tomorrow I can try these out instead. If they are virtuous- then this machine will have 2GB of RAM. that is a good thing.
Other things: the silvery rear derraileur that is so well illustrated a few entries ago. It’s even more shiney in real life. A bulb too, so I can cycle in the dark safely, and know what I am about to hit. It makes a lot of light. These new roads are very black with a slight lustre. CDs come through the door often too. Now I await a book.

No painting for a week now. oh!

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