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One more day

14°C, that painting is hideous! The Sprite one I mean. Last night I added a much thicker layer of frotte to give the face some body, also started to blur the edges. Note to oneself- get radical with it- temple-forehead-nose … Continue reading

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Long long wait

Not feeling well, = no exercise= feeling cold Amazon order placed on the 15th September= Items not yet dispatched: Delivery estimate: 31 Oct 2005 – 15 Nov 2005 1 of: Drawing Restraint 9 [SOUNDTRACK] 1 of: Tissues and Issues 1 … Continue reading

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Fan base

17 to 12°C- getting much cooler. Summer has finished. Added a new fan to this computer- it’s a really quiet one so can be turned up to quite a fast speed. The remaining noisy one is in the power supply. … Continue reading

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Amazon are unreliable

17°C: probably the last few days of warmth this year. Godspeed You Black Emporer- CD arrived today, ordered on 9th Sept from Amazon. It was listed with "available 2 or 3 days" beolw the page info. The majority of the … Continue reading

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Airshow 2

18°C, steady South Winds Took my stepfather and a nephew to the Duxford airshow today. The lad got a ride on a tank careening around a muddy course also. The show smelt different this time- more parafin less petrol. Still … Continue reading

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Warm October

21°C– unnaturally warm for mid-autumn Painting: progress shot below. It still needs more body colour, though it’s steadily building up layer after layer. the layers are far more transparent than usual at this stage. Hope that doesn’t cause regret later on. … Continue reading

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RAM not good

16°C, much fresher, still warm for October though, Installed new RAM  to this computer today. Currently holiding 1024MB- and the idea was to double it up. the new DIMM cards are not happy at all, I can get just one … Continue reading

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Part two: here is the place to complain:’ve pasted parts of my previous entry to that page- with a few changes in grammar.  Maybe if they reply- I will post the answer here at some time. As for "Me", I’ve … Continue reading

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Walsall Council

Walsall council are incompetent. It’s a well known feature in the Education department- they failed their Ofstead 2 years ago. But it now seems to be the case in the Transport department too. There is nothing anyone could have done … Continue reading

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These roads are rivers

Just as I was getting ready to cycle home the heavens opened. the roads were impasable apart from the central raised area. No wind and despite the above – still not cold. OIL: repainted the Fractured Eye, it was declared … Continue reading

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