Why this?

14°C, sun & light showers.

Courage? (inresponse to Stormcrow’s comment)
I post these pictures to show how I go through making pictures. The act of writing about them makes me think about them too. the thinking bit is crucial- that’s why I get the pictures from the drying shelf each day just to be familiar with them. With that amount of familiarity, you can even visualise the picture when you’re out. that often goes through my mind while cycling in the countryside.Sometmes they don’t progress as I want, or they go in some direction that leaves me unsure what to do. Writing here helps me think through how I got into those kinds of cul-de-sacs. I hope in the long run to focus on techniques that work, enable results that push my understanding of the things I look at. It’s learning to see better.
This sounds a bit vague but it’s part of improving.
Having said that, the bigest fixes I get into are always due to inadequate observation. When something isn’t right, I look around, mostly when I’m out and notice things. Becareful tough, if someone thinks you are staring at their shirt, trying to work out how the colour changes in the shadow areas with translucent fabric, they may think you are *staring*.

3 thoughts on “Why this?

  1. Hey! Thanks for coming by and checking out some of my work. I understand completely what you’re trying to say. Writing about what you’re trying to accomplish and the manner in which you’re going about it may actually help you think through the process in a way you weren’t doing by merely moving paint around over and over. In the past at least, my subject matter has been natural objects so I’ve never needed to stare at shirts for color/shading purposes, lol.Right now, I do seem to be in a fix with a rather pesky rock that won’t seem to take on the character I’d like. I’d like for it to be of sufficient interest in the scene to not be merely a block of drab color but the manner in which it sits doesn’t seem to lend itself to the craggy texture I’d like to show. Plus, the slopes of the sides make adding features other than just the hints of shaded pockets hard to render. I think I’m going to put this one aside for a few days and come back to it.


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