On the left


How can you tell if an artist was left-handed?
The most obvious clue about an artist’s handedness is in shading. Keep your left elbow still, and wave your left hand infront of your across the keyboard. What diredtion does your hand move- top-left-to-bottom right? Artists tend to do shading of large areas in that difection too ( if they are left-handed). Watch out for the times they have turned the paper round, or used cross-hatching. You’ll have to judge it and come up with a probability.
It’s harder with paint if brush-strokes aren’t visible in which case you’ll have to look at the composition. Left handers find it easier to draw face profiles looking to the right. So if there are more faces looking to the left, then possibly the artist is a right-hander.
Here’s a list of some:
Appel, Karel 
Crumb, R.
Dufy, Raoul 
Dürer, Albrecht
Escher, Fuseli, Henry
Holbein, the Younger, Hans
Klee, Paul
Kollwitz, Kathe
Lautrec, Toulouse 
Landseer, Sir Edwin
Leonardo da Vinci 
Michelangelo Buonarotti (ambidextrous)
Munch, Edvard
Picasso, Pablo 
Rembrandt van Rijn
Rubens, Peter-Paul 

1 thought on “On the left

  1. HeyStumbled across your site. I find your work very fascinating, Thanks for posting them. I like how you post works in progress, don’t know if I’d have the courage to do that.


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