Today is a day to remind oneself what an adorable city Bristol is. Imy wanted to see the university since it’s on her list top apply for.
Ten years must have passed since the last time I was in Clifton Triangle/village or Park Row. As the day wore on it all came back to me- bit by bit, there was no sudden revelation as I got out of the car. We went without a map. Things did click into place throughout the day. Finding my way around got easier and easier.
The traffic is still horrendous, but there is such a great atmosphere. We didn’t make it to Montpelier, so therefore saw no dogpoo.
Before we left, we (accidentally) found a cafe that I used to frequent for a final snack for the road. Everyone else in there was either reading  or writing, each one was alone. That is a rare sight in Cafes here.
We played onthe limestone slide near the Suspension biridge, shopped in Habitat. And best of all, I bought the new Arabstrap LP from one of the many record shops.  It was just like old times ( except I wasn’t on my bike).
Aand, there are still loads of cycle shops, at least 4 were visible.
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2 Responses to Bristol

  1. Unknown says:

    malla malla argh!! teacher!


  2. Simon says:

    hello from bristol ..lived here all my life :D – it is a cool city


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