Wired parameters

14°C, calm

Resumed work on the Whitley animation. Onlny trouble is there’s a problem with Wired parameters. It’s like this; the movement of one object can be determined by another, move one – the other moves. But it’s not always working, the settings are all right, it works in the viewport, but the set keyframes are not saved. this is mysterious.
I still feel like a novice at this, it’s taking time to get used to editing timing in track-view. It’s better than the stirling video ( of last year)- which suffered from some scenes running too quick and others taking too long.
I’ve got 24.4 seconds done now- that’s 16 seconds added in one day- that’s a lot. I guess the professionals would look down on my working method because once one scene is added to the timeline ( inthe video editor) then I think up the next one. I’m making it up as I go along!

Version II, vI was lost by MSN’s rubbish server with the enlightening message
" this space is currently unavailable"

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