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the Ballet

Cloud, 65.3 miles cycling, light westerly wind Since there is not that much to report from today, here is some more of yesterday. Went to the Ballet Independent Ballet Wales presents:A Midsummer Night’s Dream Which was entertaining, rather traditional, and … Continue reading

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Skin & imprints

– not that warm, but crystal clear. Wagamama After some labours up a ladder*, we went to Birmingham met daughter + 2 friends and ate at a Japanese restaurant. Came out very full and satisfied. Bought a book on Carravagio, it … Continue reading

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Help! there are poets attacking…

Chill north wind, and bright sunshine from the south. The balance came out as 14°C. The comments have raised my eyebrows higher than they heve been before. So high that litttle oxygen masks have dropped automatically from the overhead luggage … Continue reading

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Global illumination

General Rain mustered his forces today. 17°C Substantially finished the Whitley mesh. The render time is under control now too. The slowdown was due to Global illumination. It’s not necessary in animations, but worth using for a still as it … Continue reading

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Raytrace thoughts

Gerneral Rain. Not much cooler. 3DS Max  Something to solve before the next animation render is render times. That small frame below took nearly 3 mins before I disabled motion blur on the propellors. If I want a video clip … Continue reading

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Whitley airframe

Another nice day (21°C) more like the day before yesterday, more wind and not as much cloud as yesterday. Feedback from the Whitley Project group has been great.thus: Very, very impressive!No problem playing with broadband. It will bring a nostalic tear … Continue reading

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Another nice day. See yesterday, but more cloud.   The wombles are everywhere. they even get into the ceiling space- I hear the pitter-patter of little  footprints at night. The neighbours have had the pest-control in since they’d got into … Continue reading

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Wow what a perfect summer’s day. Foggy ride to work, but unbroken sun later.   The Filming was ok, I left for work before they started, but Hannah looked good on the small screen- bless her little cotton socks. Despite … Continue reading

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Film crew

18°C, overcast ( mostly) Cycle 56 miles, reduced milage because I’m expecting not to drive tomorrow.   Filming: Normally Mondays I go in the car and cycle the rest of the week, but a BBC film-crew are visiting to make … Continue reading

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there’s no point in margarine

Saturday, rain, lots of it but still warm 19°C   Painting; found a use for a picture started 6 months ago, and abandoned. A closeup face which is getting a fractured eye as dreamt up in a sketch while at … Continue reading

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