Post sleep

21°C, light westerly + sun
Despirately tired yesterday, hence no blog. Just had time to fix a bit on the Whitley that was bugging me then to bed.

Oil painting today: It’s funny the phases you go through making a painting. It’s comparable to a relationship, the first phase is usually the bit where I dislike it. After the second oily layer though  I usually start to like the picture. the relationship continues because some of the most important artistic decisions are not made while painting.
I usually pick up paintings while in progress to look at, to consider and anticipate. It’s also good to look at the picture under a few different lighting conditions, especially sunlight, & north-light and maybe halogen.
Ten minutes ago was the end of an hour long painting session, muscial acompanyment was Kristin Hersch.
Picture post tomorrow, it’s too dark now to take a WIP shot.
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4 Responses to Post sleep

  1. dawn says:



  2. dawn says:

    you are pretty cOOlThank youfor caring^^


  3. dawn says:

    Despirately tired yesterday, eh ??silly manno worriesim okayhow are you ?


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