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We’re going to have known nothing like it.

A-level results today, GCSEs next week. No doubt they will be higher grades than ever, no doubt the arguments in the press will revolve around "are they getting easier?". No doubt we’ll have known nothing like it!   So the … Continue reading

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Now that pencil is sharp.

24+°C maybe later. Finished another. Who knows which one is preferable? Please feel free to leave a comment with your vote/opinion. They are both between A4-A3 size(some antique imperial measurements I think); oil on canvas and currently steadily drying- which will … Continue reading

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3 punctures!

It’s hawthorn trimming season. Farmers drive up local lanes with hedge-mowers cutting back rapidly growing hedgerows. It scatters shredded plant debris over the road-surface, some of which poke tiny little holes in bicycle tyres. Us cyclists can only carry so … Continue reading

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More pencil sharpenings

The good summer weather returns. 21°C.   Oil: Here is a new picture that hasn’t been photographed before. Since it’s a re-working of another painting seen here, there didn’t seem much point showing progress images. This painting is near complete, … Continue reading

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72.4 miles in wind, sun & cloud. Only 20°C.   Coming home, passed a sparrow standing in the middle of the road. A car passed over it without causing injury but I couldn’t leave it there waiting to get crushed. … Continue reading

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Walrus Modelling in 3DS, this time it’s a Walrus . Like the last one ( Barracuda), it’s a model that was started ages ago & not finished. The thing I like about this one is the history of the plane … Continue reading

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Grain harvesting

Dry (apart from few heavy showers) 21°C, light   The Grain harvests are well underway which can be a problem when cycling because the dust makes you cough badly for the rest of the day. It makes it sore to … Continue reading

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Listening to the new Brian Eno album- another Day on Earth. It’s started with lots of 1980s synths, and has melodies; well,  at it’s made up of songs. We haven’t had that since "here come the warm jets". What’s the change Brian? … Continue reading

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24°C, nice very-> Visit to RAF hendon The lighting is quite low in there, which a friend warned me about before I went. His photos were quite dark, so I used my Tripod which made all the difference. Got pictures … Continue reading

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Crossed out sky

21°C, light winds, 0/10 cloud.   No clouds today, apart from vapour trails. See picture. Finally posting a drawing done with that graphics tablet I bought recently. It’s taken some time to get it working properly, photoshop still doesn’t recognise … Continue reading

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