Hot & sunny, 27°C. blimey
wasps– you’re late this year. Only saw the first one today. Come on my little stripey foes, you only stung me once last year and not at all the year before! Your average is dropping, you’d better do some catching up!

51 miles today in hot sun, few clouds and it’s set to be same tomorrow. Last mad rush before new term.

Paint: that seascape is driving me nuts. How difficult is that ?!
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4 Responses to Wasps

  1. Miss Helen says:

    Erm… Are you saying you *actually* want to get stung? o_O


  2. Mike d. says:

    No it’s just a taunt; no more than male bravado really.


  3. Miss Helen says:

    Hey! I’m so more real than you! Ner ner.


  4. Mike d. says:

    well, it’s like this- I don’t feel like someone else, when I look in a mirror, I don’t think "who…! is that!!Sorry to say I win this hands-down.–signed The-definite-me


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