We’re going to have known nothing like it (again)!

GCSE results day.
News report this morning must have bene easy to plan- just use the same report as lat year, add the same controvesy and film a high ranking school as they open their results. Then have a debate about it getting easier, standards and kids working hard.
Easy television.

Art: Stone, art & public/private money all debated on the  BBC
It seems the press have ignored the facts behind the story in case it spoils their sermons.

1 thought on “We’re going to have known nothing like it (again)!

  1. Yeah, it’s terrible how every year again and again its not praise for the students, it’s just excuses about how it must be easier than last time. The fact that teaching standards are generally improving doesn’t seem to register at all, probably because it wouldn’t make as much of an impact in the news as "Exams Getting easier-moan moan whine etc". It’s actually quite disheartening to get your results and then get told that you only got them because the Exams are not as difficult as before.Ah well, life goes on I guess.CheersAlex


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