Visual noise

Rain/ later  & therefore warm. 21°C.
Visual noise: a good way to describe visual noise is to use analogies. If you have the radio on in the background, not clear enough to discern voices or instruments, or is there is a car alarm running in your street then you’ll know about noise. Visual noise is pictures, patterns or textures that don’t really serve any purpose. they attract attention to things for a moment but that’s all. Things that are plain, smooth untextured are therefore sometmes more relaxing. think of the relief when said car alarm stops, or an annoying buzzing sound from the fridge ceases.
This all came up in a discussion about taste inthe context of home decoration. We were sitting in a room full of textured furniture, patterned wallpaper and net curtains. The patterns used motifs that didn’t relly fit together properly and faded out at the eadge of each repeat. It’s as if the designer didn’t know how to merge the motif with the next repeat. Once you spot this you wonder what’s the point, why not leave it plain.
So why not switch the radio of when you’ve stopped listening to it, switch of the TV in the next room and only put it back on when you want to see something specific.
It’s all down to "comfort range". The range is defined by stimulation levels which vary between people, the time of day, how old or tired they are. Some people like to sit at their computer playing a game with the TV and their stereo on, some don’t.
I’m trying to gain an understanding of why people want the TV on, while saying they aren’t really watching it. Why haven’t they switched it off then?
more another time….

1 thought on “Visual noise

  1. hey sir, its dallaway…jus sitting here absolutely dreading tomorrow! I’m as bored as hell…I’ve not done much today except for go skateboarding with my mates and go shopping….joy. So, I was looking through your msn space and read the Wales blog…I went to Abydyfi the other week…the weather was amazing! This holiday also, I got a digital camera… so I was pleased as it was ‘specially bought for me =) so i have taken an interest in photography…however, not the type where you take pictures of birds sitiing on a postbox or something lame like that -lol- i mean, extraudinary and unique pictures….like negative pictures- they are great!! Anyways…i will probably see you tomorrow at school for my results -OMG IM SO NOT LOOKING FORWARDS TO IT!! byebye xxxxxxxxxxxx


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