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Breaking through.   Made some progress today, if it’s apparent in this picture. Just to be optimistic- I bought four new canvases, and a new oil saketching pad today- that should keep me busy over the summer.   I’m too … Continue reading

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School’s out for summer….

erm…what now?

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New Dalon

17°C; clouds about  .:Painting:. Another hour in… that makes about 2 hours for this one so far. Used that new Dalon brush extensively in the 2nd day’s work on the yellowshirt picture. You may be able to see where I’m … Continue reading

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Bring it on…

Start new picture.   the picture below is after about 50 minutes worth of time. Drew this one from scratch, no pencil sketches, marked out with a No.6 brush onto canvas paper with a Burnt umber ground. this time I have … Continue reading

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20°C, wind, strong but not straight.   Following from yesterday, I have an idea about animating the trees. I can animate an object that has an attached spacewarp that itself can deform other onbjects. So a series of spheres, bouncing … Continue reading

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21°C, winds blowing sideways.   Yesterday’s Max underground is there because I’m puzzling over how to animate trees. they move in a non-chaotic way in wind. The gusts appear to come in several sizes, very large ( every 10 seconds … Continue reading

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21°C; sun & wind.   Paying for yesterday now, sore legs, tiredness and needing of sleep. Willdo. Yet it’s another goreous day in paradise. Bought new brushes, those Dalon D77s seem a bit fragile- unless there is something wrong with … Continue reading

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Skeletal Elms

29°C, lots of- , windless. SPF 20.   83.4 miles in the saddle.   A short log today, but a long ride filled it up. Usual stops, but different routes, including getting lost in Coalville. Many roads were lined with the … Continue reading

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Astonishing- a fan!

beautiful day – like  May the finest.   I have a fan, it’s all white with a 12" propellor in the shape of a screw from a ship. This is made of plastic tho, and keeps me cool in these … Continue reading

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27°C; fresher;   Not so quick riding home today. Thought that would be.   Pavement palaver. Added ripples, a glaze layer to lighten the slabs ( in zinc white – which is still set in this picture). the darker blobs … Continue reading

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