Rain bubbles

Rainin’ hammers raining nails


Yesterday’s rain hasn’t stopped, it gets heavier and deeper. It hits the water already fallen so hard there are bubbles and bounces in the centre of each concentric ring.

as I write the cavalry have arrived, well- the clouds are breaking up ) but who’s interested.


Also as I write I hear the CD that arrived to fill up yesterday’s parcel. Holywood by Marilyn Manson. the music is familiar and the packaging reminds me of Jan Saudek, the Czech photogrpher. See this link here: Jan Saudek. first bought "lest we forget" which included a DVD of videos, the only reason I bought it infact. After seein gthat, I bought some Jan Svankmajer videos. they aren’t that easy to find, even if you see them listed on Amazon, they takes AGES to arrive, weeks at least.

see if you agree. Note there is some nudity in some, but nothing offensive.


Two pictures to show today (thumbnail right), thr first is the new canvas started yesterday, mentioned here. This picture is of day 2, with rough out of the general layout. The sharperner may be occluded by shavings- like in the drawing ( see in pictures "sketchbook" section). On 10×10" canvas.

 Second: (thumbnail left) is a quick small piece onto 10×7" canvas. It began as s scribble to use up some paint, with the idea to use it as the ground for something else, but then I started to see shapes in it. With lots of Pthalio Blue and some Burnt Umber I ended up with this ( see picture). Tomorrow I will decide whether to add a linseed layer to increase depth of tone. what a great way to find a new picture, it’s the part of the mind that likes to see patterns, or shapes in the clouds, you’d see what I mean if I showed you the first 10′ of paint sloshed around. I will have to try this approach again it was quite fun.

3 thoughts on “Rain bubbles

  1. well if the kids get rusty! so be it they obviously don’t have a talent, and if they do they are letting it go to waste.it’s there own fault kids should know better you can’t always have someone pushing you along , sometimes if you want something you have to get it your self.and the kids will realise that soon.xxx


  2. Cool space! Feel free to check mine out anytime! Thanx in advance.Darth Gollum OJG™


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